New Approaches To Boost Lead Conversion


"When we introduced a new type of CTA to our blog posts as part of the historical optimization project last year, we ultimately doubled the conversion rates of the posts we added it to."

Pamela Vaughan

Are CTAs Dead?

According to a study done by traffic analysis company Chartbeat, most readers will not make it past 60% of your blog.

This means that the majority of your readers are not only leaving before they reach your end-of-blog CTA, they're also aren't compelled to read an entire article that you've published.

With content saturation, engagement is key, and challenging the status quo is in order.

Watch our free on-Demand webinar, Drive Engagement With Non-Traditional Conversion Opportunities, to learn:

  • Why readers are not converting on your end-of-blog CTAs
  • What the future holds for conversion opportunities
  • New ways to improve lead conversion rates.
  • Inventive methods for increasing reader interaction and interest.
  • Tools you can implement today to see an increase in lead conversions