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Kathleen Booth / Aug 26, 2016

Video: Pay Per Click Advertising and Inbound Marketing

Often times, when people talk about inbound marketing, they use paid advertising as a counterpoint. Like, "Instead of spamming people with intrusive ads, inbound puts the right content in front of the right people at the right time." I confess that I've been guilty of this in the past, but my thinking on this topic has evolved and today, I'm a big fan of strategically using pay per click ads to amplify your inbound marketing results. 

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Jessie-Lee Nichols / Aug 25, 2016

Creator's Block, Episode 6: Should Content Creators and Creatives Care About Data?

What Inspired This Episode?

Back in June, Liz received an email with a simple subject line: "provocative email on content creation." Within it she found an article by Jay Acunzo entitled "Confessions of a Content Creator: I Don't Care About Data."

In this article, Acunzo admits that he knows he should care about data, but... he doesn't. Nor does he think he should have to. He goes on to say:

Here’s the thing: I’m far from alone in feeling this way. There are others like me, others who create content for a living — damn good content at that — and we don’t really think about data all that much. We’re walking among you right now, working on your teams, attending your meetings, nodding at our CMO’s shouts of MQLs and monthly lead-gen metrics.

We pretend to care. But we don’t really care.

We really care about our craft.

It took a couple of months for Liz to calm down from her angst over this article, but in this episode we both dig deep to determine if he's right or wrong in whether or not creatives or content creators should care about data. 

And while we both went into this episode thinking our stances were fairly cut and dry, we surprised ourselves with a deeper conversation about what we do and how we do it than I think either of us expected...

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Stacy Willis / Aug 24, 2016

How Soon Should You Expect to See Inbound Marketing Results?

I like to think of inbound marketing a lot like exercise. There are huge benefits in both the short and long term, they just look very different from each other. The day you start exercising, your body starts reaping benefits, including reduced blood pressure and improved mood. Those benefits just look very different - and aren't nearly as evident from the outside - as the long-term benefits of exercise that people typically think of like weight loss, muscle gain or performance improvement.

While they may not be as glamorous, I'd argue that the short term inbound marketing results are just as important as the long term ones. It's just about changing your perspective and setting your expectations.

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Alyson Wuamett / Aug 22, 2016

5 Signs It's Time to Break-up with Your Current Inbound Marketing Agency

"It’s not me; it’s you."

Yes, breaking up is hard to do and inspires a lot of procrastination to pull the trigger in most of us. You start out a relationship with certain expectations and high hopes, but sometimes a relationship just doesn’t go as planned and starts to fall short. This holds true for all types of relationships in life - and that includes the one you have with your inbound marketing agency.

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Kathleen Booth / Aug 19, 2016

Video: How to Come Up With Blog Topics

Summer is quickly coming to an end and somehow I'm one of the only people in the office! While the rest of our team enjoys summer vacation, I spent part of this week - along with my colleague Rich McElaney - delivering a Culture of Content workshop to a new client. We often start new retainer relationships with a workshop because it is a great way to develop the buy in of the entire client team for the company's inbound marketing strategy. And with increased buy in comes increased participation. The more people from our client's team that participate in creating content, the stronger the results are that we can achieve. We've seen it happen time and time again.

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Liz Murphy / Aug 18, 2016

Creator's Block, Episode 5: Why You Need Brand Style Guides (and How to Make Them)

What Inspired This Episode?

A few weeks back, Shelby and I co-hosted a monthly webinar for Quintain about brand style guides - both for visuals and for content. And as we said when we were advertising for this webinar, “It doesn't matter if you're talking about redesigning your website or creating content for an inbound marketing strategy. If you don't have visual and content style guides for your brand, you risk eroding your credibility through inconsistent presentation, muddled messaging and sloppy execution.”

Unfortunately, most business owners and marketers consider style guides as a “nice to have” resource and not a “need to have.” That is until something goes wrong, and by then… well, it’s already too late.

So in this episode, Jessie-Lee takes our FIRST guest ever, Shelby, and myself on a deeper dive into the world of style guides - the backbone of your marketing strategy we’re pretty sure you’re ignoring.

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Shelby Clarke / Aug 15, 2016

4 Key Inbound Marketing Concepts for Graphic Designers: What I’ve Learned Working at an Agency

My first paid part-time job was for Mrs. Fields Cookies, in a mall in my hometown. Baking all day sounds like a great gig, but, like any food service position, it ends up being a bit more greasy and migraine-inducing than fun. But to this day, I’m grateful for that first shot, those first real work experiences and that first paycheck. And since I love to bake, I’ve definitely made good use of the frosting skills I learned there.

Every job comes with its own unique experiences and lessons that stick with you throughout your life. Unless you are doing nothing but breathing, any job you hold is likely to teach you how to both apply and adapt your skills to fit the needs of your position.

So how does a graphic designer take her skills and adapt them to the world of inbound marketing? Really, it comes down to taking key lessons I’ve learned while being at an inbound marketing agency, and making sure my designs align with those guidelines.

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Kathleen Booth / Aug 12, 2016

Video: Real Time Data and Leads

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak at the American Marketing Association Washington, D.C., Chapter's event on Real Time Data and Leads. The event was held at the DC Improv comedy club - an amazing space that has hosted comedians such as Ellen Degeneres, Jon Stewart, Sarah Silverman and more. It was pretty cool to be able to hang out in the green room and then take the stage that so many of my favorite performers have been on. 

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Jessie-Lee Nichols / Aug 11, 2016

Creator's Block, Episode 4: Your Website Isn't About You

What Inspired This Episode?

If you run your own company, or oversee the website for one, you know how critical they are to your business. When developed and designed correctly, your website has the potential to be the salesperson that keeps on selling - even when you turn out the lights and head home for the day - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

But time and time again, we run into businesses and clients who want to design the website for themselves - this is a critical mistake.

In this episode, Liz and I are not so much answering a question as we are staging an intervention. For all of the entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers out there who may be toying with the idea of a website redesign project, we get it. Your business and your website are your baby - as they should be.

But the fact remains that your website isn’t about you.

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Shelby Clarke / Aug 10, 2016

What Is the Buyer's Journey?

When you’re involved in the inbound marketing world, you hear the phrase “buyer’s journey” a lot. It's used when we discuss audience personas and when we try to figure out where to find prospects and how to reach out to them. But in case you need a simple, clear picture of what the buyer’s journey truly is, or you want an easy way to explain it to your clients and coworkers, listen up.

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