By: Kathleen Booth
Kathleen Booth

Video: Top Conversion Offers for Tech and IT Buyers

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Here at Quintain, we provide inbound marketing services to a lot of technology companies, from managed information technology (IT) service providers and to software as a service (SaaS) companies, to cyber security firms. While the products and services that each of these companies sell is as unique as they are, there is one thing they all have in common.

They are targeting IT buyers, an audience that is notoriously hard to reach through traditional inbound marketing methods. 

IT buyers control and influence $2.5 trillion in IT budgets annually, and they're busy. On average, they manage a $293,000 budget, support 1,142 devices, and work 52 help desk tickets per month. Enterprise IT sales cycles are long, with a complex web of influencers and decision-makers. 

On top of all this, there is one more challenge that makes it particularly difficult for inbound marketers to convert qualified IT buyers from visitors to leads. They don't like to give out their personal information, including their email address. 

So, if you're an inbound marketer, what conversion offers can you create to tempt the elusive, ultra-private IT buyer to give up their email address? In our experience, there are two types that do particularly well with this audience.

What are the top conversion offers for IT buyers? Watch the video (less than four minutes long) to find out...

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Yes, you can get IT buyers to fill out conversion forms...

You just need to have the right type of offer! Traditional conversion offers like whitepapers, ebooks, etc., don't work very well with IT buyers. The exception to this is high-level thought leadership or original research from trusted sources such as Gartner.

But if you're not a Gartner, what are your options?

We've found that webinars are an effective conversion offer. Most IT buyers are committed to continuing education, and if your webinars are truly educational (as opposed to thinly-veiled sales pitches for your product), they will fill out a registration form in order to participate.

I recommend having a monthly webinar series. Even our cyber security clients - who target one of the toughest audiences when it comes to online privacy - have had a luck with this approach. 

Online calculators or assessments also perform well - and not just for IT buyers. Everyone likes instant gratification, and there's a big difference between filling out a form and then having an ebook mailed to you (that you then need to read), and filling out a form and getting instant results that are totally customized to your individual situation.

I can only speak for myself, but I'm much more likely to convert on the latter than the former.

The trick with online calculators and assessments - particularly if you are marketing them to IT buyers - is not to ask for too much information. This is tough, because the more information you gather, the more you are able to deliver those highly customized, relevant results. But remember, IT buyers guard their privacy and don't like to give out information about themselves or their companies.

If you can keep it simple, however, and still provide your audience with helpful, relevant information, you've got a winning combination.