By: Liz Murphy
Liz Murphy

[Podcast] Creator's Block: 2017 Content and Design Trends for Marketers

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We're back with one of our full-length discussion episodes. And if you can believe it, a brand new year - 2017! - is only a few short weeks away. 

But before we say goodbye to 2016, we're pausing to reflect. Jessie-Lee and I - in addition to starting this podcast - have learned a lot this year, through projects, conferences and experiences, within our walls, with our clients and beyond. 

So this week, we're taking a deep dive into what content and design trends you should be focusing on in your marketing efforts, as we look ahead to the New Year. From video and the importance of having a "context mix," to flat design and mobile-first approaches, we've got all of the insights you need to start the year off right.

...and there may be a rant or three, thrown in for good measure. 

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  • What marketers and others shouldn't be doing with trends
  • The fact that people are finally talking about content, and not just content marketing
  • How both design and content are moving more and more toward being user-focused
  • How design trends are more of an evolution this year
  • What is decentralized content?
  • Moving toward a mobile-first approach in the design world
  • Native advertising continues to gain traction, but why?
  • Why you need to be really, really careful about how you promote content on Reddit (if at all)
  • How, why and when you should be using video
  • The rise of hand-drawn illustrations
  • What is flat design, and why is it used now? Also, how is it changing?
  • Terrible "trends" that we've seen out in the wild
  • The difference between websites you use vs. websites you explore
  • The phrase, "It's just not creative enough," and why it's terrible

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