By: Shelby Clarke
Shelby Clarke

[Podcast] Creator's Block: Death by DIY Design

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The internet is full of design tips and tricks for the typical layperson. After all, this is the kind of information that helps us to learn and develop new skillsand design is a skill like any other. It demands time, training and experience.

Yet most of these posts seek to simplify design down to a few bulleted lists, and to give birth to easy do-it-yourself (DIY) design.

The question, though, is whether or not your average Joe should be designing graphics and content themselves, or whether they – and their brand – are better off seeking professional help.

Liz and I focused this week's talk on when you should and when you should not try to do it yourself when it comes to design work. At the risk of sounding like a total design snob, I made it clear that there is a time and a place for DIY design, but it is very limited, and very much dependent on the preexisting skills and experience of the DIYer.

Tune in to hear our feelings on this week's topic!


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What Did We Talk About?

  • What is the right time and place for DIY design?
  • What is the benefit to using DIY design platforms?
  • When is DIY design not the right choice, and when do you need a professional?
  • How can a DIY design culture improve communication between marketers and creatives?
  • How do we address the misunderstanding of how complex design work really is?
  • What are a few DIY tools that our team relies on?
  • What are the core functions of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign?


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