By: Liz Murphy
Liz Murphy

[Podcast] Creator's Block: How to Create a Sustainable Blogging Process for Your Business

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We're back with another episode to help you unlock your business' blogging potential. This week, we're pulling back the curtain on "how the sausage gets made" - more specifically, the physical act of organizing a blogging strategy and actually getting them written.

This topic is important, because so many people don't talk about it.

They'll wax poetic about developing the right strategy around blog topics, bringing in contributors and the value of having a strong promotion strategy, but there isn't much out there on how to actually create a blogging process that is sustainable for your business.

So, tune in as I take Shelby through how we create blogs for clients, and what processes may (or may not) be well-suited to your organization. There's a bit of tough love thrown in for good measure - as I've said before, content doesn't just appear from the sky - but I think we all came out better for it. Enjoy!


Listen to this Episode:

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What Did We Talk About?

  • What is the first and most fundamental step you should take before starting a blog?
  • Should you have someone dedicated to blogging oversight, or can you go at it alone?
  • How and when should you create a content calendar?
  • What are the three blog processes we use for our clients, and what are the pros and cons of each?
  • Where do most businesses tend to go wrong with blogging?


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…until next week! 

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