By: Liz Murphy
Liz Murphy

[Podcast] Creator's Block: How to Choose Great Stock Photos

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Welcome to our second minisode! This week, our graphic designer, Shelby Clarke, joins me as co-host in Jessie-Lee's absence. (Long-time listeners will remember her from our episode about brand style guides.)

But this time, our topic wasn't one of our choosing. Instead, it came from one our awesome Creator's Block listeners, Frances (Hi, Frances!), who writes:

"How about a minisode on how to pick stock photography? I listened to the episode about why you prefer not to use stock photos but there are times when there aren't other options. I have one of those projects coming up. We need to 'refresh' the HR section of our website but our employees scatter whenever they see a camera. It's like everyone is in the witness protection program!"

As someone who prefers being behind the camera, I empathize with her employees. But as a content manager and marketer who leverages stock photos every single day as part of my job, I also understand her challenge - and so does Shelby.

So tune in to hear us unpack this topic. We share our best practices, pro tips, favorite tools and absolute no-no's, when it comes to stock photography.

And if you have a question you'd like us to tackle on a future episode, let us know in the comments!

Listen to this Episode:

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  • Is stock photography really that awful? Or does it have a place?
  • How we make our own stock photography choices
  • The importance of developing a visual style for your own brand (and documenting it)
  • Why you also need to understand what you don't like
  • Moving away from literal interpretations of concepts in photography
  • Becoming self-aware about your own photography aesthetic
  • Our favorite resources and tools
  • And much, much more! 

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