By: Liz Murphy
Liz Murphy

[Podcast] Creator's Block: Lessons from Pepsi's Ad Blunder

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Not long ago, Pepsi came under fire for a television advertisement, featuring Kendall Jenner, and for good reason. To put it mildly, the soda giant stumbled in their attempt to leverage a political conversation to sell soda, and it fell flat with consumers. 

(Heck, they even got parodied by SNL.)

So, this week, Shelby and I discuss what went wrong with that ad and what marketers can learn from it, as well as how businesses can effectively "newsjack" for their own marketing, without becoming a social media - and late night television - punchline.


Listen to this Episode:

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What Did We Talk About?

  • What went wrong with the Pepsi ad?
  • Should politics play a role in advertising?
  • What brands have gotten it right?
  • How do you implement a newsjacking strategy if you don't do traditional advertising?
  • How have we done like work for clients? 


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