By: Shelby Clarke
Shelby Clarke

[Podcast] Creator's Block: Plain-Text vs Designed HTML Emails

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One of the most important things you can do as a marketer is to step back, take off your marketing goggles and remember that you, too, are a consumer.

As a designer who builds out marketing email templates, I love to read through my variety of business newsletters and marketing emails, because they shows me where other businesses are finding success. And I've noticed recently that many companies are beginning to play around with plain-text emails versus their normal, branded HTML emails.

And my marketing geekiness might be showing a bit here, but I find it fascinating.

In this week's episode, Liz and I fight a little over the common debate between over-designing and under-designing marketing emails – and we see how plain-text compares to HTML. We ask: How far should we take email design, or should they be designed much at all?

And like the conclusion of pretty much any marketing discussion, everything really comes down to knowing our audience...

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  • What are some good examples of both plain-text and HTML marketing emails?
  • Should our audience determine the types of emails we send?
  • Is our audience being honest about the types of emails they prefer?
  • Do plain-text emails perform better and have higher deliverability than HTML emails?
  • Should we use more images and graphics, or more text?
  • Is this conversation a matter of personal versus branded?
  • Are we, as marketers, better off trying both plain-text and HTML emails?

Resources and Stories We Mentioned:

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