By: Shelby Clarke
Shelby Clarke

[Podcast] Creator's Block: What Goes into a Visual Style Guide with Jessie-Lee Nichols

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Creator's Block co-host Liz Murphy is away this week, so I had a very special guest join me on this week's episode – previous Creator's Block co-host Jessie-Lee Nichols!

(cue raucous applause and cheering)

So essentially, while the word nerd is away, the designers will play!

In this week's episode, Jessie-Lee and I bring back the topic of brand style guides in order to dive into what goes into a successful visual style guide – it's more than just logos. We also go over why we use them in the first place, how we get buy-in from our teammates and how we build them out. Plus, I get a little peek into Jessie-Lee's new life as an in-house marketing manager, and how this has driven her to start building out a brand style guide for her company.

Listen in to hear what we have to say, and to hear Jessie-Lee's wonderful voice again!


Listen to this Episode:

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What Did We Talk About?

  • Jessie-Lee's experiences working in an agency versus working in-house
  • What pains and issues can a visual brand style guide solve?
  • Why does your business need visual brand style guides?
  • Why does not having visual brand style guides suck for you and your business?
  • How can you improve brand consistency and collaboration with visual brand style guides?
  • What are the elements that go into a visual brand style guide?
  • What rules and items are necessary in a style guide, and what are nice-to-haves?
  • What tools can you use to build and share your brand style guides?


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