By: John Booth
John Booth

How HubSpot Task Queues and Spotify Are Improving the Productivity of Your Sales Reps

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Recently, HubSpot unveiled changes to their CRM platform - specifically having to do with tasks and task management. Now, before I start talking about Task Queues, I want to take you back to this light bulb moment I had.

After hearing the announcement, the first thing that came to mind had nothing to do with marketing automation. Instead, it was a brand:


What you may not realize is that, when it comes to the success of sales reps, Spotify and HubSpot CRM Task Queues have much more in common than you might think. Commonalities that can teach us a lot about what it means to enable true sales successes for businesses.

“Back in My Day,” Music Lovers Were a Bit Trapped by Technology

Back when I was growing up you had the radio, which was great, since it offered tons of variety. However, you had no control over what you were going to listen to, aside from calling in a request. If you didn’t want to listen to the radio, you had records and cassettes and 8-tracks - even CDs.

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Those options were great, because it allowed you to focus on your own interests, in a manner that you curated and tailored. For instance, if you went through a Styx phase, you could choose to binge on albums like Pieces of Eight or Paradise Theatre.

Or maybe you’re more of a Ted Nugent/Cat Scratch Fever kind of guy (or gal) - who knows.

But again, there was another problem. While this solved the challenge of being able to enjoy music in a way that was exactly in-line with your own specifications, it lacked variety, because your music experience was only as diverse as what you went out of your way to choose to listen to, or could afford to purchase.

So, for awhile there, we were stuck in this musical limbo - you could never quite find that sweet spot in the middle of variety and curation of musical playlists.

That is, of course, until Spotify came along. Which gave you the ability to create playlists, but also plug into playlists either based on intelligence gathered on your own preferences, or defined by moods, eras, etc.

Spotify - Little Bird.png


“Wait, John - What Does This Have to Do With HubSpot and Sales Reps?”

I’m glad you asked!

Music lovers of yesteryear and modern-day sales reps actually have a lot in common. But in this case, sales reps are often sitting atop a mountain of tasks that they need to tackle in a single day, or across a given week - phone calls, follow-up emails, proposals, follow-ups on proposals, you name it.

But how do they manage those tasks?

Well, they can take the old school record approach, of intentionally focusing on a particular set of tasks - for instance, sitting down and tackling all of their phone calls all at once, and then their emails, and so on.

However, that can get stale after awhile, so sales reps may find they have to manually inject variety by creating lists of tasks manually that introduce some level of diversity. For instance, a few phone calls, followed by a few emails, and then back to phone calls again.

Still, it brings sales reps back to that music problem of not being able to find the much-needed compromise between an ability to curate your own experience - in this case, sales-related tasks - and not having to work (or think) so hard to create a diverse enough task management structure.

How Spotify and HubSpot CRM Solve the Same Problem

With Spotify, it’s easy to find, explore and uncover old favorites, as well as previously unknown gems. But the best part is that all of your playlists and musical discoveries live in a single location.

Not only that, your music lives in the cloud - meaning you can access it anytime, anywhere.

HubSpot CRM Tasks functions in a similar way for sales reps.


But first, let’s ask ourselves this question: Why is it important to focus on task management for sales reps?

In our experience in working with our clients on evolving, adapting and refining their sales processes, we’ve learned that there are a lot of ways that organizations can improve the efficacy of their sales teams - whether we’re talking about the sales process itself, or messaging or positioning statements.

With that in mind, we always come back to bringing task management for sales reps to the forefront. Why? Well, effective task management is so fundamental, every business will increase sales by focusing on it.

I know that’s a bold statement.

So, for those of you unconvinced, I want you to ponder this statistic: Forty-four percent of sales reps stop at one attempt of making a sale. This is a big problem, because 80 percent of all sales require at least five attempts.

That means if you can fix that problem, your sales will increase.

That’s Where HubSpot CRM Task Queues Comes to the Rescue

Quintain Product Sales Task Queue.jpg

HubSpot CRM Task Queues empowers your sales reps to capture, remind and manage tasks. While that sounds simple, here are the three key benefits sales reps can realize:

  • Sales reps have a better experience in trying to locate and take action - like a phone call or sending an email - on tasks. All of this is done inside the HubSpot CRM system, instead of having to check off a task in the CRM, but also having to set reminders in a calendar application or through cumbersome, nonstandard integrations.

  • Everything is also located within a single location. So, even if you have a sales rep-generated task or one that is assigned to them - say, from an inbound lead or a trade show - your reps can follow-up with all of their tasks in one place - a queue, no matter where those leads came from.

  • Finally, your sales reps can access what they need - whether they’re at their desk or on the golf course - they can easily manage the follow-up of those tasks.

That’s why HubSpot CRM Task Queues and Spotify are so similar.

Those platforms empower their users - sales reps and music listeners, respectively - to strike that balance between curation and automated variety,  and the added bonus of cloud-based access. 

Because, whether you want to jam out to “Mr. Roboto” or set a reminder to call a particular prospect back at the beginning of the following month, the goal is the same: to make that experience as easy and accessible as possible.

Enjoy Our "Get Sh*t Done" Productivity Playlist

As an added bonus today, I wanted to share something special with you.

At Quintain, we are no strangers to trying to maximize our own productivity - so below you’ll find our own Spotify playlist of productivity-inspiring musical favorites.


Each member of our team contributed songs to this playlist - can you guess who rocked out to what? - we hope you enjoy it.

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