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Kathleen Booth

TGIF: WistiaFest and Video Marketing for Lead Generation

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TGIF__Video_Blog_Header.jpgThis week on my TGIF video blog series, I'm back fresh from WistiaFest and really excited to be talking about all things video marketing. WistiaFest is a video marketing conference hosted by Wistia, a video marketing platform that we use for ourselves. (It's how we host these video blogs!) as well as our clients. We love Wistia for lots of reasons, but my personal favorite is that it makes it really easy for "nontechies" such as myself to add lead generation forms right into videos. I even added one to this week's video - which I edited myself - so you could see an example. 

Video marketing is hot right now. In fact, I would venture to say it is experiencing a huge resurgence in popularity. In my opinion, our declining attention spans are driving this shift, and the fact that the majority of people are visual learners. Put more simply, we're all naturally a bit lazy, and video is an easy way to absorb information.

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Video is also an incredibly effective way to tap into our emotions, and when done well, can build trust, which is the holy grail of marketing.

We're so excited about video marketing, and its potential to boost lead conversions, that we've added a video producer to our team. Liz Thibodeau has more than 20 years of experience overseeing all aspects of video creation from script to screen and has won numerous awards for her video projects. They include corporate explainer videos, educational and training videos, employee and customer video testimonials, and more. 

But enough about us!

In this week's TGIF video, I'm talking about video marketing, why it is an effective way for companies to boost lead generation, and tips on how you can use video in your own marketing strategy. 


What do you think?

Have you thought about leveraging video as part of your marketing strategy? I'd love to know what is working and what isn't. And if you haven't used video yet, my challenge to you is to "just press play." Get out there with your iPhone, or use the web cam on your laptop, and create a short video that you can post to your blog. It's really easy - especially if you use Wistia!

TGIF: Kathleen Booth Talks WistiaFest and Video Marketing

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