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Think branding is just for large corporations, marketing directors, and cattle? Think again.


Each one of us has a brand -- a personal brand, how others see us -- which is shaped by what we do, say, write, and otherwise present ourselves to others. 

We can't fully control how others see us. But many of us don't even try. That is, we don't take a moment to think about how we WANT to be perceived, and then take a few simple steps to bolster that impression with purposeful action.

Mitch Thrower
Alexander Boylan
Mike Natalizio

Mitch Thrower

Founder, and

Alexander Boylan

Exec. Prod. Around the World Productions
Winner of The Amazing Race 2

Mike Natalizio


"A must-read guide to understanding the most important issue of our digitally connected world -- your personal brand."

"A deep dive into a complex topic which offers real world advice. A powerful must-read for anyone anywhere."

"This is a book that needs to be read by anybody in business that wants to make a difference. If you think personal branding is the social media equivalent of bragging, get over it."

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