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"Making the shift from outbound selling to inbound selling requires cultural change within companies and amongst sales teams. It requires a different approach to sales, as well as a different approach to sales management."

- John Shea
Director, Inbound Sales Enablement
Quintain Marketing

It all starts with your sales team...

While there is plenty of data to prove that inbound marketing, when done right, generates leads, these leads still need to be closed by your sales team. And just as inbound leads differ from outbound leads, an effective inbound sales team requires a different approach than a traditional, outbound-oriented team.

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  • How to adjust your sales hiring and onboarding process
  • The elements of an effective inbound sales process
  • How to motivate your sales team
  • Tactics to generate more leads and boost sales
  • Strategies for improving sales and marketing alignment.

Many companies that practice inbound marketing think they can simply hand their inbound leads off to their sales team and closign them will be a slam dunk. This is not the case, and companies that know how to build an effective inbound sales team see higher lead-to-customer conversion rates and greater return on investment from their inbound marketing.

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